• Teboho Trust Executive Director invited to Arusha Tanzania
  • Grannie Given Prize for knitting the most scarves for the children
  • Youth Conference Farmers Market
  • IDC donates blankets
  • Distribution of Winter Scarves by Grannies
  • Youth Conference Greenhouse
  • Products made by Teboho Trust Teens Young Creators

"Teboho Trust has produced some of the most successful students coming out of Soweto...."





Teboho Trust has produced some of the most successful students coming out of Soweto. We have students at the following tertiary institutions:

  • 100% pass rate by matriculants in 2004, 2005 and 2006 matric exam (State High School Exam and SAT for Universities) A 98% pass rate for 2007 and 2008. In 2009, 6 out of 7 learners passed matric
  • Several of our young people have completed their tertiary studies (education, ICT, media studies, business, accounting, etc.)
  • 90% of our beneficiaries that have passed matric have / are furthering their studies at tertiary level. The others lack financial support to continue their education
  • Learners are earning higher marks and symbols in school
  • Learners are earning more merit awards at their schools
  • Our learners are elected / appointed into leadership roles in school, church and community
  • We have a very successful Saturday Academy operating in Soweto that attracts learners from across Soweto
  • Learners are becoming community builders
  • We are attracting local and international qualified educators and professionals to volunteer in our programmes / activities
  • Our story has been reported locally and internationally and thus attracting much attention and potential partnerships