"Every time I come to Teboho Trust I gain knowledge, strength and a spiritual vibe, Teboho Trust you give me skills to survive ...."


Learner's corner

Lethabo Khule

My name is Lethabo Khule, 17 years of age, doing my eleventh grade and proudly attending my Saturday classes at Teboho Trust.

I live at Soweto and I don’t live with both my parents, I only stay with my mother. I want to study architecture and be one of the great architects in the world, I decided to be an architect because I enjoy drawing and I do my drawings pretty good.

I came to Teboho Trust because I heard it’s a good school and by attending there I will succeed and achieve my goals.


Mbuso Linda

My name is Mbuso Linda, 18 years old and I’m doing grade 12.

After matric I want to study chemical engineering at Wits University, I’m good in Mathematics and Physical sciences.

My favourite sport is soccer and I’m also good in Marimba.

I’m living with my mom and my younger sister, I went to Teboho Trust because I used to have problems with physical sciences but now I understand the subject more than anything.

That’s me!!


Tevin Thabane

15 years,grade9, at TLHATLOGANG junior secondary school


    • Well, I knew nothing my mom actually told me about it that I will be going to a Saturday school, I was sad because I thought that Saturday was meant for rest and relaxation. But then I actually settled in good.
    • When we actually go for English, maths go to lunch and play the whole day till after school.
    • It helps a lot because basically what I do at Teboho trust I am also doing it at school so it helps me understand and becomes easier for me.
    • It helps me decide what I want to be but right now I am not really sure what I want to be.


Nonhlanhla Msomi

I go to Teboho Trust to learn and make some friends. I never excelled in my mathematics but ever since I went to Teboho Trust I now know my business. This academy helped a lot of people and we have many good things to say about Mr Jose Bright.

Mr Jose Bright is a hard worker. He does his job on his own but he always has a helper inside the academy who helps him. We call her our mother Miss Dineo Selala. He always checks up on me and sometimes he helps me with my homework even though he is a busy man.

I have a lot of fun in Teboho Trust and we have a lot of activities we do and Mr Jose Bright always give us special things to do and we cannot let him down he also teaches us about many teenagers.


Nthabiseng Mollo

My name is Nthabiseng Mollo, am 17 years old. I live in Orlando East, Soweto. I love to read and to swim. After school, I want to be a soldier. My favourite artist is Brandy and boys 2 men My favourite song is 'Have you ever'. I like to spend my time reading my books or watching cartoons. I hate gossiping other people. My best friend is Lindokuhle Sangweni My favourite subject is mathematics, English and geography. I live with my grandmother, two little brothers and my sister.

I want to thank Teboho Trust for helping me in my studies. I have realized something that is very important in my life, that without education I don’t have any way to take. Because the reason I go to school every weekdays and Saturdays is that I want to achieve my goals and I want to change my parents' lives.And I wish to help people like Mr. Bright helps the community of Soweto. I than Mr. bright for all he have done to us as the community of Soweto.We wish you many many blessings from God and keep it up the good work.


Matimba Ngoveni

Hi my name is Matimba Ngoveni I live in White city Jabavu I’m 14 years old turning 15 in April

I love playing soccer and I want to be like Lionel Messi because he is fast, he has different skills and he scores more goals that why I want to become like him. I also like music and my favourite artist is Siya Shezi he sings rap music. When I grow up I want to be a pilot because I like travelling and transporting people.

When I grow up I want to visit Spain and Argentina Because they are my favourite Countries In the whole world.

My favourite car is Bugatti because it’s the fastest car. I like to eat and my favourite food is the Italian bread.

I started attending Teboho Trust last year and my mother told me about it, I told myself that I won’t go there because though that it's boring at Teboho Trust but now I see that it’s fun. I attended this Saturday school because it helps me so much on my studies. I also do sports at Teboho Trust I play soccer.


Samkelo Dekile

The Teboho trust is the past in your life and you’re here The Teboho trust is the past that gives you what you school Do not give like when you have passed grade 12 they take you to university And pay for you so come to Tehoho trust to learn more about school We do cool sports like football and cricket and you go to school trips to university and Mr Jose bright is very kind to us and to our parents and Mr Jose bright loves hard-working kids and the school gives us many things like food and playthings.

In Teboho trust we do not allow kids to play in class and you must do you work. Mr Bright loves to do funny things in Teboho trust like making jokes. We love every kid in our school and we have people come to our school to give motivational speeches, that we can do anything you want to do or be in our lifetimes. We can’t let him down. He is my hero. Who is your hero? Come to Teboho trust. It is the past in your life and if you come to Teboho trust you can see that why we call him our hero.

Come to Teboho trust For more things


Kamo Thabo

How special is Teboho trust

I say about Teboho trust is the best school than I ever saw before. I learn how to achieve my goals and improve my studies.so that i can have a bright future. Everyone has to know how things are hard in the world. The word trust comes from loving other children and trusting all the people you love.

Do I need to tell somebody about their future?

No. Because everyone has a dream about how fun is Teboho trust the most fun in the Teboho trust we love having fun and making ourselves fun.The day I will remember how is important to go to and have fun with friends that you don’t know.


Keamogecwe Seitisho

My name is Keamogecwe and my surname is Seitisho. I am a 13 year old girl and I am in grade8 at Willowmead secondary. I live with my mom and brother. My aims are to finish my studies so that I can be a lawyer. My favorite sport is tennis.

I am at Teboho Trust because I want a brighter future. I want to learn more about being a lawyer and I hope I will get help at the Teboho trust academy.


Lerato Mphuthi

Hi my name is Lerato Mphuthi I am 13 years old I live with my parents a little sister, brother and 2 big brothers.

I school at Zifuneleni junior secondary school I am in grade 9 and my aims is to finish school and be someone in life. When I am at home I love playing and reading good books.

Today I was at the AISJ and I really enjoyed the day at AISJ I learnt how to write a Gmail and how to open a Gmail and now I know how to do all that with AISJ’s help. The reason why I go to Teboho Trust is to learn and collect as much information as I can to improve my studies and become a Social Worker.



Teboho Trust Anthem

Teboho Trust ya ka entle ooh ooh

(Teboho Trust you are beautiful ooh ooh)

Young, gifted, superb and bright x 2

We are love and joy and peace and hope x 2

Teboho Trust, you are the one I want

Your are the drink to quench our thirst


Each and every day I come

Something good will make me smile

The thought and spirit of being here

Makes my heart and soul……

Feel good x 4


Every time I come to Teboho Trust

I gain knowledge, strength and a spiritual vibe

Teboho Trust you give me skills to survive

The streets of the township

I'll be a success

I'll be a real man

Thanks to you,

I'll be the best!

You open my heart to love myself!

You helped me to help my community at large

Teboho Trust ya ka entle ooh ooh x 2

(Teboho Trust you are beautiful ooh ooh)